Reflection: Organizational Systems Peer Editing the Synthesis Essay - Section 2: Two Stars and a Wish: Peer Editing the Essay


The peer review protocol went well, as it did before, with students providing thoughtful feedback.  In fact, I was ready to shift gears to another activity because they had low energy (we just turned the clocks back, and it is Monday morning--maybe that was the issue!), but when I asked if they wanted another round of peer feedback, they said yes.  

After reading their new drafts the next day, however, I realized that thoughtful peer feedback doesn't always translate to better papers.  It turned out that most of the students did not really follow the model, and therefore wrote arguments that did not rely enough on the synthesis of resources; instead, they relied on heavily on persuasive language and their own experiences.  These devices may work for another type of argument, but not this one.  So, I think next time I teach a new genre of writing, I will collect the drafts and give feedback first, then they will re-write those and peer edit.  That way the papers will be organized better, and peers can focus on development of the argument.

  Peer Feedback After Teacher Feedback?
  Organizational Systems: Peer Feedback After Teacher Feedback?
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Peer Editing the Synthesis Essay

Unit 5: Writing a Synthesis Essay
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT evaluate peer argument essays in terms of effective organization for building a topic, synthesis of relevant evidence, and strong command of objective language.

Big Idea: Writing doesn't have to be lonely; feedback from peers is an important part of the process.

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