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Earlier this year I edited and formatted the the PARCC rubric to make it more teacher and student friendly.  Here's my version. I don't really see a need to constantly reinvent rubrics for each assignment.  Just use the state/district rubrics provided to you.  Stop reinventing the wheel! (I'm mostly talking to myself here).

I can use the rubric to grade the students' essays, and then convert that raw score into a percentage that can be converted to a fraction that can be entered in the grade book. If a student's essay falls halfway in the 4 and 3 category, I can assign a percentage score of 93% or 90%.  If the student essay scores all 3s, I can assign it a grade of 84%. 

I could have used my state rubric, but since the PARCC rubric emphasizes rigor and citations, I chose to use that rubric. High standards woo!

  Essay Writing: Grading the Essays
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Writing the Final Draft

Unit 6: Argumentative Writing and Research with National History Day
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to produce a clear and coherent final draft by rewriting the essay using the rough draft, outline, and help from peers and the teacher.

Big Idea: Putting it all together to write a final draft.

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