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I wish I could have used an activity with manipulative to teach citations.  I chose to focus on thesis statements for an entire long period, because I thought that was more important.  However, that led to having less time for the bibliography.


If I'd had time, though, I would have given kids the parts of the citation to physically manipulate.  If you click that link, there's an example of a book and website citation followed by the parts of another book or website.


I would have had students work in pairs for this activity, rather than in groups of three or four.  I would have asked students to cut the separate parts apart, and following the example, put them in order. 


I would have also used the students' own research to model the process of finding the information on websites.  I would have spent more time with a graphic organizer or on EasyBib to help students.


I didn't do enough for this part.  The essay, to me, was more important, so that's where I put my time and energy. 

  Lesson Planning: Manipulatives: What I Wish I Could Have Done
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Annotated Bibliographies

Unit 6: Argumentative Writing and Research with National History Day
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: Students will be able to produce a clear and coherent final draft and annotated bibliography.

Big Idea: A one day crash course in annotated bibliographies.

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