Reflection: Classroom Setup Explicit Teaching- The Mini-lesson - Section 3: Teaching Explicit Behaviors


The routines, procedures, and rules around readers workshop set students up for success.  I build in the teaching of routines through the different parts of the workshop.  Providing this structure for students from the first day of school allows them to feel safe because they know what to expect and what is expected of them.  Teaching students how to discuss topics with each other respectfully by knowing how to listen, build on to others ideas, and present a different viewpoint or opinion creates a dynamic classroom.  I do not want to do all the talking  I learned long ago "Who ever does the talking does the learning!"  I want to create a classroom environment where kids are doing the talking and the learning.  It makes it so fun for me to learn about each of my students as they share their ideas and opinions.

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Explicit Teaching- The Mini-lesson

Unit 2: Developing Classroom Climate Through Routines
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Objective: Students will learn teacher and student expectations for mini-lessons.

Big Idea: Maximize effectiveness of your mini-lesson through explicit teaching of student behaviors

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