Reflection: Checks for Understanding Comparing and Contrasting With "Then and Now" - Section 4: Writing Our Own Book


I am always trying to find ways to challenge myself and improve the way I teach.  I've always taught my students about captions when reading non-fiction, but I've never had my students write their own captions.  This was a new experience for both my students and me.  I've analyzed their work and made comments on how I can improve the activity for next time.  Based on my student's work I also see where I need to improve my instruction in order to address my student's weaknesses.  View my student's work and see my comments here: Student Work Then and Now.docx.  I've also included a  video reflection, Reflection Then and Now.mp4, on the rigor of this lesson.  This lesson was done with my advanced group, and I know I could have challenged them more.

  Checks for Understanding: Analyzing Student's Work
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Comparing and Contrasting With "Then and Now"

Unit 14: Small Group Reading Lessons
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast key ideas and details from two informational texts on the same topic; SWBAT write a structured informational paragraph to report out their analysis of the texts.

Big Idea: Students will never complain about school when they find out what school was like long ago!

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