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I designed these materials to be of high interest and effective in teaching students how to learn as they read by utilizing a synonym generating strategy for tackling challenging words.  I have enjoyed creating teaching materials around interesting animals.  I find the naked mole rat extremely interesting.  My enthusiasm for this amazing creature is picked up by the students.  This lesson extends students understanding of how and where naked mole rats live.  Earlier in the year,  I used Mo Willems book Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed to build classroom community.  With this lesson, students learn informational facts about naked mole rats.

If you want to learn more about naked mole rats here is a audio clip from Science Friday that I found fascinating! "Discover the Inner Beauty of the Naked Mole Rat!" 

  Expanding Student Awareness- Fiction to Facts!
  Joy: Expanding Student Awareness- Fiction to Facts!
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Strategies for Content Specific Vocabulary

Unit 1: Revving Up to Read Informational Text
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use context clues to generate synonyms to determine the meaning of terms used in an informational selection.

Big Idea: Generate synonyms based on context clues to tackle challenging words with ample opportunities to read lots of text on high interest topics

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