Reflection: Flexibility Estimating & Measuring Weight - Section 3: Student Practice


I wasn't expecting a student to find large discrepancies between the labeled weight of a product and the digit scale reading. In this video, Imperfect Digital Scales, a student shows me the contradicting data. This goes to show how important flexibility is, even when you think you've planned a great lesson! I also watched another student use a digital scale to weigh a product before estimating, which as you can imagine, frustrated his group members. Next time I teach this lesson, I'll be sure to provide more guidelines on the use of the digital scales. At the same time, I will be ready for unplanned moments to happen! 

  Flexibility: Reflection
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Estimating & Measuring Weight

Unit 1: Measuring Mass and Weight
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT estimate and measure the weight of grocery store products.

Big Idea: In order to further develop students' understanding of measurement units, it is important to provide students with opportunities to estimate and measure the weight of items.

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estimating weight
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