Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Critical Thinking: "Tulipmania" - Section 5: Closure


Students are in control of the discussion from this passage.  They're choosing the questions, they're constructing their own meaning.  I'm just facilitating it.  They're asking questions that matter to them, not questions that matter (or don't matter) to me. 


This is authentic.  Was it easy to plan? No.  Will it easy for the students? No.  It will be rigorous, relevant, and we will build relationships throughout it. I haven't written text-dependent questions, they've been crafted by students through authentic discourse.


Chills.  I've got chills.

  It's All Them
  Student Led Inquiry: It's All Them
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Critical Thinking: "Tulipmania"

Unit 5: Developing Critical Thinking with Shared Inquiry and Socratic Circles
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Objective: Students will be able to develop critical thinking skills by reading a passage about the history of tulips and answering types of critical thinking questions, citing evidence for their answers, and discussing answers with a small group.

Big Idea: Develop critical thinking skills through independent reading and authentic student discourse through six powerful types of questions.

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