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Students do not automatically make the connection between arrays and areas though it seems blatantly obvious to us as adults.  Developmentally, it is appropriate and important for them to engage in exploring this concept in a concrete way.  I developed this activity to provide students with an engaging, authentic, tactile and visual way to become immersed in finding the area of rectilinear shapes.   They are able to develop an individualized feel for the concept of area as an array because they are creatively involved in creating a meaningful plan for a real (or simulated but reality based) situation.


  Helping Students See the Connection Between Area and Arrays - Authentic Engagement is the Key
  High Quality Task: Helping Students See the Connection Between Area and Arrays - Authentic Engagement is the Key
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Using Area as an Architect (Stations Day 1)

Unit 14: Area and Perimeter
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Objective: SWBAT develop their understanding of area through developing floor plans for an orphanage in the DR Congo and a tiny restaurant for a refugee family in Kampala, Uganda. They support both of these goals with student centered fundraising. Note: Activity works with other floor plans as well - orphanage does not have to be the them!

Big Idea: In this multi-day activity, students make 3 different models of an orphanage floor plan using Google Drawing, Virtual Graphpaper, and a construction of rectilinear shapes, to calculate the area of each room using units square.

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children in mbunde
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