Reflection: Joy Pumpkin Math! Introduction to Metric Units - Section 4: Closure


Joy. Sheer joy. That's what this lesson is. Yes, it's a mess!  But, it cleans up fast and the kids are so excited to learn about metrics. I am so glad I had extra adult hands helping me.  Usually we do it outside, but I liked the lab atmosphere for a more scientific mood. I got my pumpkins from a local farm. It was almost Halloween and he was happy to donate with the coming frost.

I realized that partnering kids carefully is a must. It is early in the year and I am just getting to really know them. I did a good job with that, but my one student who has social struggles still had problems with moving along through the lesson and needed continual support. The parent in the classroom really helped.

Talking about relative sizes was little challenging at the end. I am thinking I need to do that more because of their lack of exposure to metrics. It is interesting to me how they know that a centimeter is the distance between their fingertip and first knuckle, but think they need to measure liquid with that. They just need more exposure. It was rigorous for them at this point because metric units are so unfamiliar. But, CCSS expects that they have a deep conceptual understanding as they understand the relative sizes of the units and using real objects to measure all three base units made this exposure very simple. The exposure of the concept of pi made it more rigorous, even though I put that in the lesson for fun.

Pumpkins were great fun to use as a medium for measurement as we begin to understand and master this standard.


  This is just too fun!
  Joy: This is just too fun!
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Pumpkin Math! Introduction to Metric Units

Unit 2: Metric Measurement
Lesson 1 of 18

Objective: SWBAT measure circumference, diameter, & length using centimeters/meters, liters and grams.

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