Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Who Really Discovered the Americas? - Section 4: Closing the Loop


If you want to create an additional lesson I found this clip

because this year because my students really wanted an answer to the question. I think this was spurred on by a newspaper article that came out questioning if we should continue to celebrate Columbus Day? I found this you tube video from the history channel and it was really interesting and a great way to get kids thinking inquisitively on the subject. My students loved it and had a great debate after it was over. 

The benefit of making lessons real is that students value the learning and thus we are able to give them higher level questioning because they are willing to do the extra effort. After the class debate I want to add a "family views" debate component to this unit to give my students the opportunity to ask their parents or older family memebers what they think and remember from their own schooling. So fun to have them justify their thinking along with us. This would lead really well into the next unit on settling the areas and the impact the different beliefs and nationalities had on us today.  

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Who Really Discovered the Americas?

Unit 7: Explorers of America
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT...evaluate historical accounts of Christopher Columbus's voyages to determine if he was the first person to discover America

Big Idea: We can use research to compare and contrast different sources of information on a subject

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