Reflection: Modeling Visualizing how Setting and Plot Influence Character Development in Chapter 2 - Section 2: Illustrating a scene from chapter 2


I was right about their understanding of analysis: many, almost habitually, wrote a plot summary instead of writing how the quote they selected and the scene they help the reader better understand character or theme. But with direction and guided questioning, some students wrote more effective analysis. I ask questions such as:

What are the characters thinking?

What are they feeling? How do you know?

Who has the greatest effect on Pip? How do you know?

Compared to the this illustration, it shows more thought. He gets inside Mrs. Joe's head and shows that he understands her character. He doesn't even draw the actual scene, but draws what he expects Pip is thinking about while sitting at the kitchen table. Plus, he correctly uses one of our vocab words: epitome!

  Modeling: Analysis
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Visualizing how Setting and Plot Influence Character Development in Chapter 2

Unit 1: Great Expectations Ch. 1-6: Foundation
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT cite strong textual evidence to support analysis by connecting an illustration of the characters and events in Ch2 with quotes and personal analysis.

Big Idea: Turning mental images into great illustrations will help us understand the text better and it gives us a chance to talk about what we know in a relaxed environment.

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English / Language Arts, 9th, illustration
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