Reflection: Trust and Respect Circle and Stars: Grouping Compared to Arrays - Section 3: The Writing Assignment: Combined math and writing lesson


 To combine a writing assignment with the lesson helps me understand how well they can write about differences in concepts and identify which multiplication model would help them identify factor pairs more easily. In the past, we have taught a separate grouping lesson in the very beginning to review the concept of what multiplication means. Our third grade introduces multiplication like this. The sharing in the circle was really rich today. They learned that they needed to explain precisely what an array is and use the words, "rows and columns." The word "cluster" turned up a couple of times when they explained grouping. I really enjoyed it all.

  Combining Math and Writing
  Trust and Respect: Combining Math and Writing
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Circle and Stars: Grouping Compared to Arrays

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 5 of 12

Objective: SWBAT compare how to represent a product of two factors by grouping or by using arrays and decide which is a better tool to represent factor pairs.

Big Idea: Students explain the difference between arrays and grouping to represent multiplication.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Language Arts, multiplication, grouping, Operations
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