Reflection: Real World Applications Multiplication and Problem Solving to Make Bracelets Day 2 - Section 2: Concept development


You can see in my reflection video, I needed more time for this lesson. I did not want this project to take three days, but alas, it will! I forgot how long it takes little fourth grade fingers to string beads. Then, of course, there are the students who drop their beads right as they are about done with their bracelet which causes more time as well. 

Even through the frustration about the amount of time, I still think this lesson is well worth it.  It has challenged my students, provided productive struggle, and time to persevere.  Math Practice Standard 1 was very evident in today's lesson. Students did not want to quit or give up. They were motivated to keep working through the problems in order to build their bracelets.   

My favorite quote of the day, "Wow, Ms. Romano, math REALLY is everywhere.... even in jewelry!"


  Patience Needed
  Real World Applications: Patience Needed
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Multiplication and Problem Solving to Make Bracelets Day 2

Unit 2: Multiplication with Whole Numbers
Lesson 20 of 22

Objective: SWBAT multiply two-digit by one and two-digit numbers to determine the a plan for patterned beaded bracelets, estimating the number of beads which will be needed. SWBAT solve multiplication word problems involving beaded bracelets

Big Idea: Students create a bracelet after they've planned their design using multiplication skills and strategies.

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