Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Ushering in Accountable Talk - Section 3: Closure


I love the idea of Accountable Talk.  The kids enjoyed it, and it's something I intend to begin in my classroom the first week of school next year.  The inservice we had on this topic was in October, which is still early in the year, but I truly think the technique is one that will be better embraced when introduced as a component of the classroom initially.  The silliness from the kids will most likely not be a factor once it's a classroom expectation from the beginning.

  Using Accountable Talk
  Discourse and Questioning: Using Accountable Talk
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Ushering in Accountable Talk

Unit 16: Speaking and Listening Practice
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: TSWBAT identify and initiate class discussion through the AT Stems, actively engaging in collaborative discussions.

Big Idea: "I want to build upon the notion that kids will elaborate and add to each other's ideas."

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English / Language Arts, summary (Composition Basics), sharing, word choice, summarizing, artifacts, discussions
  45 minutes
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