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This game is a very fun and easy game to play with students when they are learning new information that can be either sorted or compared. It is fun to get out of their desk and use a sticky note to see where they would chart their work/ ideas.

It is a great filler of time or fun to do when you have an indoor recess. Easy to create a T-chart or Venn Diagram.

To help students that are having trouble with concept I might give them a matching sticky to another student who understands the concept. In this case I had three students who I gave the same source to as other students. I make sure to have them come to the board after the other students have placed their sticky and defending its placement. This usually makes it easier for the student who was having trouble. hat student also has more confidence in defending their decision when they have some words and ideas to help them.

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Source Sorting: Introduction to Types of Sources

Unit 24: Sources and Text Features
Lesson 1 of 3

Objective: SWBAT sort examples of possible sources into the categories of Primary and Secondary.

Big Idea: Finding good sources can be tricky and students have little experience with identifying them. This lesson is fun introduction to learning the difference between the two and begin the task of sorting out which are primary and secondary.

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English / Language Arts, primary source, Nonfiction (Reading), text features, sources, secondary source
  20 minutes
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