Reflection: Complex Tasks Putting the PIeces Together: Brainstorming Topics for Othello Literary Analysis Paper (Day 1 of 3) - Section 4: Wrap up and Next Steps


There are a great deal of things that make students nervous in school. I tend to think that a little bit of anxiety is okay as long as the students recognize that it will pass and that they will have support along the way.

My students are particularly nervous about writing. I think a lot of this stems from their perfectionism, but some of it is just grappling with the complex process that writing requires. To help them cope, I think it is important to do a couple of things. First, I need to make my prompts open-ended enough to make sure they can write about what they feel knowledgeable about writing. Second, I need to get my hands dirty with them. Third, I need to do activities like I did today that allows them the opportunity to verbally process and plan their ideas. Giving them time to create communally tends to yield better results, so while it may end up with overlapping paper topics, I think it helps my students who need that nudge towards getting their thoughts out there.

We will continue this process over the next few days and I am hoping that by the end of the week, they will feel confident enough to write a rough draft.

  Helping Students with Writing Anxiety
  Complex Tasks: Helping Students with Writing Anxiety
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Putting the PIeces Together: Brainstorming Topics for Othello Literary Analysis Paper (Day 1 of 3)

Unit 6: Literary: Thematic Analysis of Shakespeare's Othello
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT develop and plan their writing by participating in group brainstorming sessions on their Othello literary analysis papers.

Big Idea: Now they've read the play, it's time to dive into the analysis of structure, purpose and process.

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