Reflection: Positive Reinforcement Finding the Elements of Fiction: Setting, Character, Point of View, and Mood - Section 1: Starter


This is a great time to show students the value of their class notes.  I want students to understand that we don't take notes in class as a form of busywork.  They are actually useful to their learning.  I drive this home by allowing them use class notes to reference prior learning.  Today, they get to use yesterday's notes to do today's classwork.  

  Understanding the Value of Class Notes
  Positive Reinforcement: Understanding the Value of Class Notes
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Finding the Elements of Fiction: Setting, Character, Point of View, and Mood

Unit 3: The Elements of Fiction
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT analyze how particular parts of a story interact by using Cornell Notes to organize their thinking.

Big Idea: Using those notes to find examples in a text.

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