Reflection: Modeling Wolves vs. Dogs - Section 3: Partner Work


I had two groups that really struggled to get started.  They ask what do we write here. I said what did I write there and showed them on the board.  Then they were able to figure it out.  I think if I put two lines on the graphic organizer that had the section labeled idea one and  idea two this might have helped them.  They were not sure how to use the graphic organizer to sort their thoughts.

The student work sample 3 (Work Sample 3) shows one of the groups that really struggled with the concepts.  I think I might should have grouped them differently.  Maybe a little more support from a peer would have guided them in the right direction.  Student work samples 1 and 2 (Work Sample 1 and Work Sample 2) show how students were engaged and made interesting connections between the animals.

  Modeling: Getting Started
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Wolves vs. Dogs

Unit 15: Similarities and Differences Between Informational Texts
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT determine similarities from one piece of information in a text.

Big Idea: Engage students in a interesting text comparing lesson using a variety of strategies.

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English / Language Arts, informational text, similarities and differences
  60 minutes
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