Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding Build ou ow Words - Section 3: Partner Work


There were several things I would like to change about this lesson. I ask made wow on the board with the students and then I realized I did not have 15 extra w letters in my box.  I usually keep about 20 extra of each letter in a fishing tackle box.  

I also forgot to check to ensure that every folder had all letters.  When the students put them up they do not always attach the letter to the velcro and some letters fall in the floor.  I said make sure your letters are stuck to the board and one letter fell off at the end of the lesson.  I did ask the student to find his folder and put the letter on it.

In addition, I forgot to explain that the letters have to be placed back in alphabetical order. I noticed several folders with the letters out of order.  The order makes it easier for the students to find the letter when they are making words.

Students do this as a whole group lesson and some work much faster than others.  So, in the future I will seat the ones that need help closer to me so I can point out the letters.  They will get faster at locating them as I help.  I needed to help several students, but they were in the back of the group.  If they were closer to me I would have been able to help them all easier.

In the resources is the video of the students punching the sounds (students working). At first everyone wanted to punch each letter.  I had to stop and remind the class we are learning two letters that make one sound.  I wish I went over this more in the beginning. It was a little confusing for them.  They were used to punching each letter.

Here is an example of the student work:student work.


  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Student Work
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Build ou ow Words

Unit 17: Reading Foundational Skills
Lesson 9 of 12

Objective: SWBAT read, write, and spell words with ou and ow.

Big Idea: Engage a class in a hands on lesson to develop phonics skills.

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