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It takes lots of practice for students to build fluency in solving addition and subtraction equations.  The common core standards emphasize that first graders need to build fluency in computation to better prepare them for future, more difficult problems.  The flashcards are a great starting point to get my students developing fluency, but it will take constant, varied practice to improve.  I set up different stations within my room for students to pick from and use during center time and free time. The video in the resource section shows one such center and how it works.

  Station Rotation: Practice, practice, practice!
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Small Steps Get Us There

Unit 3: Addition Strategies
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT build fluency in solving addition facts.

Big Idea: My students have been working on number recognition, joining numbers, and basic addition. I want them to work on addition strategies and build a flashcard activity to increase fluency.

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Math, addition, fact fluency
  45 minutes
stair steps lesson
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