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The issue I always have with putting students into small groups is that I can not be there for all of the sharing that is going on. I did not have a way of assessing all their speaking skills (since multiple students were sharing at once) when they shared out their writing.

I thought of a couple of things for next time I do this activity. I could have the student leading the group also videotape the group, so I can watch it later. Additionally, I could have students complete a self assessment of how they think the group followed the rules, shared and gave feedback.

Overall I had a sense that this type of sharing worked because all students received feedback and gave thoughtful reflections.

  Putting Students into Small Groups
  Student Grouping: Putting Students into Small Groups
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Sharing Our Writing

Unit 3: Explanatory Essay
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT celebrate their final draft by reading their favorite part to the class and thinking about how their peers’ writing could help them in their next writing unit.

Big Idea: Come to the writing circle!

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