Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Getting the "Main Idea": Pre Test and Left Side - Section 3: That's the Whole Story: Exit Ticket


Using a graphic organizer in this way was very eye opening.  Many of the students copied their sentences straight down without so much as even a thought to transition words.  Every year I struggle with getting students to add more detail than what they have on their graphic organizer.  Most of my students will say, "Do I just copy this?" when they're moving on to rough draft from pre- writing even though I have modeled and modeled and modeled.  Perhaps I wasn't being concrete enough and need to do explicit teaching on transition words.  I guess I'm off to plan my next writing lesson!!

  Reflection: Transition Words
  Adjustments to Practice: Reflection: Transition Words
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Getting the "Main Idea": Pre Test and Left Side

Unit 10: What It's All About: Exploring Main Idea and Supporting Details
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the meaning of main idea and supporting details

Big Idea: Being able to identify the main idea of a text will allow students to be able to summarize which will improve comprehension.

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English / Language Arts, main idea, Reading, Nonfiction (Reading), supporting details, Interactive Student Notebook
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