Reflection: ELL Students Figurative Language with Casey at Bat - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


I used the picture in the cue set to build more background knowledge regarding baseball before teaching the lesson.  I realized that you have to understand that 3 outs means the players switch and that 3 strikes means that you're out in order to fully comprehend the poem.  I also paused every few stanzas to summarize and discuss what happened with the class during the first read.  This ensured that all scholars had access to the text and that everyone understood what the poem meant.  

  Build some background knowledge
  ELL Students: Build some background knowledge
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Figurative Language with Casey at Bat

Unit 4: Give It All You've Got - Part III
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze figurative language in the poem, "Casey At The Bat".

Big Idea: Figurative language is pretty, but what does it mean?

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