Reflection: High Quality Task Figurative Language with Casey at Bat - Section 1: Cue Set


Instead of doing a Rally Robin here, I had students stand up, pair up and share.  I did this because they needed to move!  Scholars stood up and pushed in chairs.  Then, they paired up by finding a friend with whom they wished to work.  Finally, the sat down and shared their metaphors.  I gave them 2 minutes to share and I circulated to ensure that scholars were engaged and to provide support to all learners.  

  Did Stand up, pair up instead
  High Quality Task: Did Stand Up, Pair Up Instead
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Figurative Language with Casey at Bat

Unit 4: Give It All You've Got - Part III
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze figurative language in the poem, "Casey At The Bat".

Big Idea: Figurative language is pretty, but what does it mean?

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