Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Stories by the Fireside: Creating Experts on Romantic Poets - Section 2: Expert Groups: Reading and Reporting on Firesides


Today was adjusted, based on time running out yesterday, but the students mostly kept themselves on track, and certainly tackled reading the poems, either individually or collaboratively.  While I provided questions to guide them, the ultimate interpretations of meaning and support were up to the groups. We will certainly have to finish the expert group discussion tomorrow, but have picked up momentum, not unlike the growing of nature, gathering of storms, or building snowfalls our poets describe. 

  Student Led Inquiry: Groupthink: Reflecting on Group Activities
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Stories by the Fireside: Creating Experts on Romantic Poets

Unit 7: Literacy: Poetry by the Fireside (Romanticism Part I)
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the expression of central Romantic themes by collaboratively analyzing a poem from the Fireside poets.

Big Idea: Discussing meaning of poetry, both author-intended and personal, in the spirit of Fireside story-telling.

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