Reflection: Trust and Respect So Many Nouns, So Little Time - Section 3: Application Part II


Out of the many, many different cards that were written, only one resulted in an inappropriate behavior.  Someone wrote, "BUTT" and stuck it on another kid's back.  Happy they didn't go as far as to put it on the boy's butt, but still irritating and caused the labeled kid to rightly complain to me. In hindsight (pun intended) the card was most likely written as an afterthought as the labeling was taking place.

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  Trust and Respect: Teacher Reflection
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So Many Nouns, So Little Time

Unit 4: Grammar Greats
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT identify, list, and label common and proper nouns in the classroom.

Big Idea: Watch out...if it's there, we're liable to label!

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different names for the same
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