Reflection: Real World Applications Examining Themes in the book Bud, Not Buddy - Section 5: Independent Practice


My students were able to connect with Bud because some of them also come from single parent homes and have grandparents who are their guardians.  The book study of Bud, Not Buddy was a valuable learning experience for my students in making real world, cross-curricular social studies connections.  I encouraged my students to go home and interview their great-grandparents about The Great Depression to find out what it was like to live during that era in the United States. 

  Real world connections
  Real World Applications: Real world connections
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Examining Themes in the book Bud, Not Buddy

Unit 6: Bud, Not Buddy
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Objective: SWBAT determine and analyze recurring themes in the book Bud, Not Buddy through the use of graphic organizers and generate a creative book report to advertise the book based on a theme.

Big Idea: Students will illustrate a theme from Bud, Not Buddy through generation of a creative book report (i.e., flyer, newspaper, game, interview with the author, etc.). Through examination of these themes, students will make real world connections.

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