Reflection: Shared Expectations Discovering How to Learn Mathematics - Section 1: Bell Work


I have three sections of this course so the group discussions were very different.  By doing the discussion I was able to get a feel for the personality of my classes.

My first class did not really want to discuss the article.  They noticed that the author repeated himself to make a point but that that was irritating to them.  

One student asked how can you do the homework immediately after class when you have another class to attend.  Another student said you should do it as soon as you get home. 

I had to go through more of my questions with this group than with the other groups.


My second class also struggled with the group discussion.  This group had just a few students talk.  The other students were very quiet and did not want to share.  They noticed the same things the first group did.

A difference with this group was when one student said that the Problem Solving section of the article was very good for her.  She stated that no one had every explained how to work with word problems.  This revelation will help me work with her throughout the school year.

The final class had a great discussion.  Students asked each other to respond.  The students really dived into how to study.  

One stated that it made her feel good when the author discussed flash cards. She uses flashcards all the time. 

Another student told her experience from last year.  She used flash cards and visited the teacher to get help.

Students also expressed that they would struggle with learning more on their own.  One made the comment that last year their teacher did a lot of examples in class. The examples continued until all students understood.  The article helped her realize that this is not how it will happen in college and she will need to work on learning differently.

A final student made a comment about not really having good study habits.  


The information I gained from these discussion will help me work with the different students.  I have a better understanding about what has happened in the past.  The student also seem to have a better understanding of how college math works.


Even though most students appreciated the activity. I did have one student feel that this was a waste of time.  She stated that the information was not new it just restated what she knew and gave her no new information. 

Even though I had some students who felt this was a waste of time.  I felt that many more students were thankful for the time to discuss studying and see that other students have the same issues.


  Shared Expectations: How to Study Math
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Discovering How to Learn Mathematics

Unit 1: Introduction to Learning Mathematics
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Objective: SWBAT identify keys to learning math successfully

Big Idea: By reading and discussing articles on studying mathematics, students can better understand the skill set needed to be successful in math class.

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