Reflection: Rigor Comparing Character Similarities and Differences - Section 5: Independent Practice


Being honest here, before Common Core, I was satisfied that my students noticed Minerva was a white chicken who visited a school, and Hilda was a brown chicken who lived on a farm.  Having a beak and feathers were always a given.  So I was not surprised when that is what my students told me.  I also realized that this activity, even though it was new to my students, lacked complexity and rigor, in that it was completely modeled.  For these reasons I opted to extend this lesson to three days so that my students could go deeper into the stories and look at the characters traits of Minerva and Hilda, as well as develop the confidence to be independent. 

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  Rigor: Learning New Ways to Teach
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Comparing Character Similarities and Differences

Unit 1: Events and Characters
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Objective: SWBAT observe the similarities and differences between two comparable story characters and gain practice using a Venn diagram.

Big Idea: Your students will go beyond looking at feathers when they start using the Venn diagram in this lesson.

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