Reflection: Pacing Personal Narrative: Knowing What to Write - Section 3: Pre-writing


Decide how many lists students complete depending on how much time you have for writing each day. Have limited time? Then have students complete one list a day. While this will draw out the pre-writing stage to almost two weeks, it will allow students to spend more time on each topic. They might have better responses this way as they have time to think, reflect, and then write. 

  Extending pre-writing
  Pacing: Extending pre-writing
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Personal Narrative: Knowing What to Write

Unit 5: The Personal Narrative
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Objective: SWBAT complete lists of writing prompts with ideas that appeal to them.

Big Idea: Sometimes it's difficult to know just what to write. In this lesson, students complete various prompts that allow them to list several ideas that could serve as starters to their personal narratives.

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