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In order for a writing workshop to be successful, you have to allow conversation between teacher and students and between students and students.  The teacher simply can't get around to every single student in thirty minutes.  It's just not possible.  Therefore, you have to give students the tools to help each other. 


The simplest tool is to have them read their writing to each other.  Hearing what they've said aloud, seeing the confusion or understanding on someone else's face may just be enough.  Sometimes just reading it aloud to themselves is powerful enough, because students often don't reread what they've written.


Allowing students to sign up for teacher conferences gives them power while managing the classroom itself.  It keeps the students focused on rewriting, rather than waiting with their hand up.   What was interesting about today's workshop was that first hour didn't need the sign ups, but fourth hour did.  Sometimes that happens. 

  Successful Writing Workshop Rules
  Conferencing: Successful Writing Workshop Rules
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Revising Body Paragraphs

Unit 6: Argumentative Writing and Research with National History Day
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Objective: Students will be able to revise body paragraphs by rewriting relevant concrete evidence and thoughtful commentary, being sure to cite sources to avoid plagiarism. Students will be able to write a concluding sentence that summarizes key ideas of the paragraph and previews the information in the next paragraph by participating in a writing workshop.

Big Idea: Students will revise body paragraphs to cite evidence and align to their thesis statement in a writing workshop.

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