Reflection: Routines and Procedures Stories by the Fireside: A Renaissance of American Literature (Background and Notes) - Section 1: Introduction and Welcome: It's "Use Your Common Sense Day!"


I am considering taking a month off of Monday Mindbenders. They are traditionally a way to get students "thinking," but enthusiasm and willingness to tackle them has been waning the past few weeks. Since I usually do them in sets of four, this seems like the perfect opportunity to "take a break" and see if student enthusiasm returns. I have, in the past, offered extra credit for the Mindbenders, and may return to that in December. 

In my Grade 10/Sophomore classes, students had a few thoughts on common sense. In particular, they tended to note that "excitement," either from being happy or being stressed, about something led to mistakes people would consider "lacking common sense," and also the pressure of being forced to make a snap decision. We did not speak long on these topics, but it did allow us to share a few thoughts about classroom participation and energy. 

  Addressing Enthusiasm and Re-Arranging Routines
  Routines and Procedures: Addressing Enthusiasm and Re-Arranging Routines
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Stories by the Fireside: A Renaissance of American Literature (Background and Notes)

Unit 7: Literacy: Poetry by the Fireside (Romanticism Part I)
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Objective: SWBAT identify central ideas of historical background and provide an objective summary of the text through a collaborative Jigsaw Reading and notes.

Big Idea: From the revolution that forged America to the revolution that forged American literature, today we delve into the American Renaissance.

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, Romanticism, collaborative learning, Fireside Poets
  50 minutes
poets and poetry of america frontispiece 1842
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