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We were running out of time at this part, but I still wanted scholars to get up, move around and read one another's responses.  Instead of rotating through stations as I had planned, I had scholars walk around the room to whichever table they wanted and read one another's responses.  They asked themselves what was strong and what could be stronger.  They had 2 minutes to do so.  Then, they returned to their seats and we had 3-4 friends share things that they noticed. 

This was a GREAT use of time.  It was less structured and was much faster than if we had done the formal rotations.  This enabled scholars to see one another's work while staying on pace so that we could get both rotations in.  

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Wake Me Up: Poetry Through Song - Theme

Unit 4: Give It All You've Got - Part III
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze the theme of a poem.

Big Idea: Poems have a message: What does Avicii's Wake Up mean?

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