Reflection: Student Ownership Geometric Series Formula, Too - Section 3: Wrap it Up


I've included some examples of student notecards that cover a range of responses.  Student A gives the best description of the process they used but all of the students gave at least a partial explanation of how they found a solution.  I'm encouraged that even student C gave some idea of how they figured out the formula and believe that with more practice and encouragement they will all be writing better.  I was disappointed that none of the students really answered all three prompts, but that's something I can work with them on, especially if I use larger notecards!

  Student Ownership: Student reflections
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Geometric Series Formula, Too

Unit 3: Algebraic Structure
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT derive the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series.

Big Idea: Remember the thrill of discovery? Your students will too, as they discover the formula for the sum of a finite geometric series!

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Math, algebraic expression, Algebra, Expressions (Algebra), algebraic methods, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  55 minutes
geometric formula
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