Reflection: Modeling Defining and Modeling the Synthesis Essay - Section 2: Defining and Modeling the Synthesis Essay


The students seem to have a good grasp on what a synthesis essay is, judging by the discussion today.  My emphasis, therefore, was squarely on the essay model.  When we did the writing unit on the rhetorical analysis essay, I ended up telling almost every student to refer back to the model essay from the textbook (even though we had spent a couple days on it); for some reason they didn't get the idea that it is okay to follow a model the first time they are doing the essay.  Given this, I explicitly told the students today to have the book open to these pages when they write their rough draft so they get all the 'parts' down on the page.  They can work on fine-tuning their voice in the editing process.  Maybe this is because of the competitiveness of AP and honors students, but they almost seem hesitant to do this--like they have to do it "on their own."  I will certainly make this a point of emphasis in the coming days, too, as they prepare to write.

  Emphasizing Use of the Model
  Modeling: Emphasizing Use of the Model
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Defining and Modeling the Synthesis Essay

Unit 5: Writing a Synthesis Essay
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Objective: SWBAT prepare for writing a synthesis essay by analyzing a model essay that has been annotated to identify key structural elements in building the argument.

Big Idea: It is okay to closely follow a model essay the first time you write your own.

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