Reflection: Intervention and Extension Tracking Investments and Review - Section 3: Group Work


I used the TTG data from the two previous lessons to create homogeneous groups.  What I found was that each class at a few students who still struggled with plotting coordinates on the coordinate plane, in addition to finding distance on the coordinate plane.  I put these students together for the group work time and I created a revised graphing task that did not involve decimals.  Unit 3.11 Graphing Task WITHOUT DECIMALS.docx  When the group started, I spent a few minutes practicing plotting coordinates on the graph.

Most students were able to plot all four coordinates, but made a small mistake with the distance on the coordinate plane.  I grouped these students together and I checked in on them when they were calculating distance.

The rest of the students were able to plot points and calculate distance on the coordinate plane.  I created an absolute value challenge for these students to work on if they successfully completed both tasks early.  Unit 3.11 Absolute Value Challenge.docx

  Intervention and Extension: Intervention and Extension for Homogeneous Groups
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Tracking Investments and Review

Unit 3: Integers and Rational Numbers
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Objective: SWBAT: • Find absolute value of rational numbers • Compare absolute values • Plot points on the coordinate plane • Calculate length of horizontal and vertical lines on the coordinate plane

Big Idea: Students continue tracking their investments and apply what they have learned about absolute value to complete group tasks.

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Math, stock market, absolute value graphs, areas, Number Sense and Operations, coordinate plane, perimeter, number line, 6th grade, master teacher project
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