Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Using Class Data - Section 1: Connecting to Social Studies


As students started sharing the information about the types of jobs parents do, it was clear that this was very important to the students. They wanted time to tell about their parent's job. I reminded myself of the purpose of this lesson, to manipulate "real-world" data.

If I didn't allow the students the time to really share their data, the purpose of the lesson would be lost. I slowed down the pace, gave the students time to share what they had found out, and then we moved to the graphs.

This part of the lesson took almost 25 minutes to complete.

  Importance to the students
  Adjustments to Practice: Importance to the students
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Using Class Data

Unit 5: Everything In Its Place
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use data to compare types of jobs in their community.

Big Idea: Students have greater engagement in learning when it is organized around gathering and using meaningful data.

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