Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Applying Knowledge: What Would Emerson Think? - Section 3: Peer to Peer Discussions and Sharing: Listening for Learning


The element of this activity that I was particularly excited about was when I asked students to listen carefully to the speaker and jump in to the conversation if what their own partner said seems appropriate to share in the context of the discussion.  They really took to this, and I was able to step out of the discussion for large chunks of time, or simply participate in the discussion as students shared (mostly by bringing up connections to other works we've read to model synthesis, since I went over their assignment today, too).  The engagement in this lesson by students also makes me think that they will be excited to develop their synthesis arguments. . . or at least they will be confident going in to it!

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  Student Led Inquiry: Model for Group Discussion
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Applying Knowledge: What Would Emerson Think?

Unit 4: Thematic Unit: Education
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Objective: SWBAT apply their understanding of a nineteenth century U.S. text to a modern context by considering what Emerson would think of the American education system today.

Big Idea: Considering how nineteenth century writers would view the present is a great way to deepen understanding of both worlds.

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