Reflection: Checks for Understanding Hundreds, Tens, Ones Are Coins Too - Section 3: Independent Practice


Students did not have trouble today drawing the blocks and money to represent the same number. Most students showed a competency with this. They had more trouble writing the numbers when they looked at the money and block amounts. When I presented the drawings, some of the children wrote things like 30 cents for 3 dimes so their number came out 2305 for 2 dollars, 3 dimes and 5 pennies. This did not happen with the dollars suggesting that students may be less aware that a dollar is 100 pennies so 3 dollars would be 300. They are used to counting dimes by tens so they often counted the dollars 1,2,3 but the dimes 10,20, 30 and wrote them that way.

I saw a similar happening with the blocks where they would count 2 hundreds blocks and write a 2 but them count the tens rods by tens instead of seeing them as how many bundles of ten.

This is a misconception that I will need to work with to correct in future lessons. I need to reinforce the idea that 2 bundles of 10 is equal to 20, but when we record it is the number, we record how many bundles, and not what they are worth. 

This is a difficult concept for children in second grade and one that should not be overlooked because the students can read the numbers correctly. Place value is present in many of the second grade Common Core standards and so the time spent in clarifying any misconceptions is important.

  Checks for Understanding: Noticing Confusions
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Hundreds, Tens, Ones Are Coins Too

Unit 5: Everything In Its Place
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use pennies, dimes and dollars to represent money amounts less than 10.00.

Big Idea: Students will extend their understanding of hundreds, tens and ones using dollars, dimes and pennies as another way to express groups of 100, 10 and 1.

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