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This is the second year that I have done this activity, and I really, really like it, but I do feel guilty about using so many post it notes!  I like the post its because they are easily moved when the students go to categorize them.  

When, I did this activity this year, students had a lot of trouble answering the "What do I hope to learn this year?" question.  With the arrival of CCSS, many said that they didn't know what they wanted to learn or should expect to learn.  At first I was troubled by this, but after thinking about it, I understand their confusion.  I realized that it is my responsibility to introduce students and parents to the CCSS and help them become familiar and comfortable with them.  Since this is their first experience with them, I have the power to shape their attitude toward the standards and their learning.  This is exciting to me since I love the increased rigor and the student accountability built in to Common Core.  

  Intrinsic Motivation: WHY I DO THIS
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Setting Expectations

Unit 1: The First Week of School
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT define expectations for the year.

Big Idea: Let's expect to have a great year together!

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