Reflection: Checks for Understanding Tracking Stocks and Distance on the Coordinate Plane - Section 6: Closure and Ticket to Go


There was a lot of buzz when I presented the question about line BC using a variable.  Some students were taken aback while other students were excited.  After the think pair share, I asked students to show me with their arms, what type of line would be created by line BC.  Most of the students displayed a vertical line.  I called on a couple of students to explain why the points created a vertical line.  Students were able to recognize that two points have the same x-value, the line will be vertical.  I drew a picture of the line as a model on the board.  My goal is for students to be able to visualize these lines in their head.  This will require more practice for some students. 

As far as distance, students were able to connect their knowledge of absolute value to find the length of the line.  This student was able to use absolute value to efficiently find the length of the line. Unit 3.10 Absolute Value and Distance.jpg

I want students to understand why this strategy works.  In order to do this I will mix in some questions similar to this closure question (including some questions where students analyze student work that has mistakes) in future lessons for a quick review and practice.

  Checks for Understanding: Line BC: B(a, 5) and C(a, -3)
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Tracking Stocks and Distance on the Coordinate Plane

Unit 3: Integers and Rational Numbers
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Objective: SWBAT: • Find absolute value of rational numbers • Compare absolute values • Plot points on the coordinate plane • Calculate length of horizontal and vertical lines on the coordinate plane

Big Idea: Which stock price had the largest change? How do you know? What is the distance between (a, 5) and (a, -3)? Students continue tracking their investments and work on strategies for calculating length of horizontal and vertical lines.

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