Reflection: ELL Students Wake Me Up: Poetry through song - Section 1: Cue Set


I realized quickly that my ELL students did NOT remember what a metaphor was, so I provided them with an on the spot scaffold.  I instructed scholars to take notes on the following: 

"A metaphor is when you compare 2 or more things without using like or as."  I then explained that a metaphor does not make sense in real life.  For example a metaphor for the brook might be that a long skinny snake slithered in between the mountains, never ceasing.  Can a snake slither between mountains and never stop?  No.  So, this must be a metaphor.  

This supported my ELL students more and got the juices flowing a bit more rapidly.  

  ELL Students: Needed More Support Than Expected
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Wake Me Up: Poetry through song

Unit 4: Give It All You've Got - Part III
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze figurative language in a song.

Big Idea: Songs have really cool lyrics: consider what they mean!

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