Reflection: Real World Applications How Much More Can I Spend? - Section 3: Try It On Your Own


The students loved using the book order forms for this lesson.  One other consideration for this lesson was to use  grocery store ads, but those are becoming harder to acquire in a classroom as newspaper subscriptions decline in my area.  The book order forms were easy to collect because they are delivered right to the school. 

One challenge was actually reading the retail price on the book order because it is written with a strikethrough line.  Additionally, some books did not have a retail price.  

The activity can be modified to meet your needs and student ability by increasing or reducing the amount of money to begin the lesson.  I chose $130, but it can be changed on the chart as needed.

Because of the student interest in this lesson, I will probably repeat this lesson because so many students used the algorithm rather than a strategy.  They are relying on a process without a complete understanding of how the numbers are changing through subtraction.  

  Real World Experience
  Real World Applications: Real World Experience
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How Much More Can I Spend?

Unit 2: Subtraction
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT apply estimation and subtraction in a real-world setting, by keeping a running balance of an amount of money.

Big Idea: Students practice their mental math subtraction strategies using book orders and recording on a balance sheet.

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