Reflection: Perseverance Polynomial Rewrite - Section 1: Set the Stage


I anticipated some of my bright students might be frustrated explaining why they made the choices they did in re-writing the polynomial, but I didn't expect to need to offer direct instruction on how to write the explanations.  The crazy thing is that these students generally are better at persevering, however in this instance they moved almost instantly to frustration.  I had to take a deep breath and tried to recall what worked previously when I'd had a similar experience.  I realized that part of the' frustration students' were expressing stemmed from the fact that they truly didn't know what was expected of them - they have had limited experience with explaining their thinking in math class.  I alleviate this frustration by clearly modeling some explanations myself.  The other aspect of their frustration was slightly more difficult to address because it had to do with a fear of failure, something most of these students seldom faced in math class.  I told them the same thing I tell other students facing a tough challenge, that there are lots of ways to be "right" and the only true failure is not to try at all.  Overall it was an interesting day!

  Supporting Bright Students
  Perseverance: Supporting Bright Students
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Polynomial Rewrite

Unit 3: Algebraic Structure
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT use the structure of a polynomial expression to rewrite the expression.

Big Idea: Why should we learn this? Your students learn to rewrite polynomial expressions AND learn concrete reasons to value this skill!

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Math, algebraic expression, Algebra, Expressions (Algebra), algebraic methods, Algebra II, master teacher project, 11th Grade
  55 minutes
rewriting polynomials
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