Reflection: Adjustments to Practice The double number line - Section 3: Using the Double Number Line


Using the double number line for percents was wonderful.  However, it will be a good idea to teach them 10% of a number before using this tool.  I did a quick mini-lesson on how to find 10% of a number.  I wrote on the board the following:

10% of 10 = 1

10% of 20 = 2

10% of 30 = 3

10% of 40 = 4

Then, I asked them if they noticed a pattern.  They said that you just drop the zero.  So I explained that this is actually a movement of the decimal, but they were correct.  Then I asked them a few more 10% of a number questions and they were able to get it right. Since this lesson is about utilizing the double number line, I did not speak to them about any other numbers except those that were multiples of 10.

  Percents and the double number line
  Adjustments to Practice: Percents and the double number line
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The double number line

Unit 2: 6th grade tool box
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use the double number line to solve problems.

Big Idea: The double number line will help students figure out problems that involve two quantities.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, double number lines, ratios, percent
  85 minutes
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