Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Discovering How to Learn Mathematics - Section 1: Bell Work


The question on the board really started conversations in the groups.  

When I asked the students to tell the class what surprised them I received many different but good thoughts.

The students were surprised that they should read the section before the section is taught.  I asked why that would be a good idea? They said so you know what is going to be taught.  Many students said that would not help them at all.

One student said I scored low almost to the point that I should be struggling with math but I am good at math I always get an A.  I explained that this was adapted from a college level inventory and that there will come a time when the study skills you use know will not work.  This may be this year or it may be later.

Students also thought it was interesting that you should set a specific time to do math.  

I had several students tell me that they have realized they do not have really good study habits and will work on that this year.

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  Student Self-Assessment: Study Skills Inventory
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Discovering How to Learn Mathematics

Unit 1: Introduction to Learning Mathematics
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify keys to learning math successfully

Big Idea: By reading and discussing articles on studying mathematics, students can better understand the skill set needed to be successful in math class.

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