Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Creating a Word Problem Book - Section 2: Active Engagement


When the students began to work, I noticed that my most visual learners began with their illustration, even though the directions pointed them to write text first.  I had to stop myself from redirecting them as I realized that "seeing" their story first helped them to organize their thoughts. Likewise, my students that are more conceptual thinkers, wrote first and then illustrated based on their text. 

This diverse entry to the task reminded me that students can, and should, approach tasks from their most comfortable and concrete understanding first, and then take on their next steps.  

The next time I assign an activity like this, I will not have the directions written as steps, but rather I will narrate what the outcome should be and allow the students more freedom to plan their own steps to the solution.  You may choose to do this with this activity.

  Diverse Entry Points: Illustration or Text First
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Creating a Word Problem Book

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
Lesson 6 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to write a multi-step story problem which requires solvers to use groups of objects, rather than individual objects.

Big Idea: Students have been working on solving word problems requiring the use of equal groups. Now they will be challenged to think backwards and create the problems.

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Math, word problems, multiplication, equal groups
  55 minutes
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