Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Are You Afraid of Anything? 1/4 - Section 1: Warm Up


Fall is my favorite time of year and there are so many good fall books that kindergarten teachers use as a spring board for teaching ELA skills.  It is fun to choose a book, use it over several days, and do something different with it each day.  I usually have students in my class who do not celebrate Halloween, so I need to be mindful of the books I select.  Even though this book walks a fine line, it is not REALLY about Halloween. My quick discussion about being afraid of something is designed to pique their interest.  (The Librarian read this last week, darn! So it won't be new to them as I had planned.)

  Motivating My Students
  Intrinsic Motivation: Motivating My Students
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Are You Afraid of Anything? 1/4

Unit 1: Are You Afraid?
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT retell the story by sequencing the story events after listening to a story read a loud.

Big Idea: We will draw pictures to sequence the story..

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