Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Introducing Ideas about Maturing in Life through Analysis and Quotations - Section 3: Independent Work: Quote Interpretation & Analysis in Groups


There is nothing about this lesson that I will CHANGE! The longer I teach, the more comfortable I get with allowing students to be their own teachers of learning. Not once did students not understand their role in producing the themes studied in this unit. Students did a phenomenal job with coming up with themes relating to the ideas of Coming of Age. Please view the power point in the independent work section of all themes developed by all classes that completed this lesson.

One behavior that I caught myself doing was trying to influence students’ thinking about the “big ideas” of their quotes. This was very hard for me since I am so use to leading students on paths of success with learning in my classroom. With my influence at times, students told me that I “confused” them about how to do the assignment. Once I took myself out of the equation, students went back to the normal facilitation of learning and produced some GREAT THEMES as shown in the end of the lesson.

  Quote Analysis Reflection
  Student Led Inquiry: Quote Analysis Reflection
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Introducing Ideas about Maturing in Life through Analysis and Quotations

Unit 3: Coming of Age
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine a central idea of a quote and analyze its development in a unit entitled Coming of Age.

Big Idea: The big A’s: arguing and analyzing BIG ideas in a quote

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